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  • Research is showing that either the gold nanoparticles aren't working or there isn't enough gold in them to work
  • Doping of lithium and PEO with metal dust (20mg) to see if enough gold is being added to create a charge


  • 3 metal dusts being used (in order of natural conductivity)
    • Cobalt: 0.02175g
    • Iron: 0.02311g
    • Copper: 0.0229g
  • Lithium Salt + PEO
    • PEO: 1.43165g
    • Trifilate: 0.06617g


Metal dusts were not detected at 20mg, so a higher concentration must be added.

  • PEO: 1.44295g
  • Trifilate: 0.06121g
  • For 20% gold nanoparticles: 1469mL....



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