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  • Films must be boiled off in oven in plastic white dishes
    • Hoping to use the lyophilizer in the future
  • New variance of AuNP concentrations were made using both salts: trifilate and LiBH4
    • 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg
  • NP a lot darker (larger nanoparticles)
  • Data results are still questionable
    • I don't know how to read it??


  • Make films
  • AC on films


  1. Films
    1. There are two types of films. Those made with Trifilate and those made with BF4Li. Films contain 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, or 20mg of gold.
    2. A solution containing AuNPs solution, PEO, Li Salt, and H2O were mixed and the PEO was allowed to dissolve.
    3. They are being dried in the oven until most, if not all the H2O, has been removed
    4. They are then removed from their plastic dish and massed into 0.5g portions
    5. Each portion is then put in the hot press to produce a film


' g/mL HAuCl4 g/mL Au mg/mL Au
0.001313936 0.000761665 0.761664579
Amount of Gold (mg) AuNP Solution (mL) Trifilate (g) PEO (g)
5 6.564569412 0.0644 1.44915
10 13.12913882 0.06549 1.43847
15 19.69370823 0.06416 1.43819
20 26.25827765 0.0671 1.45109
Amount of Gold (mg) AuNP Solution (mL) LiBF4 PEO
5 6.564569412 0.06235 1.4462
10 13.12913882 0.06119 1.46562
15 19.69370823 0.06963 1.43179
20 26.25827765 0.05866 1.44028


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