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  1. Plants with large roots were placed into a 25% solution of red and purple citrate gold nanoparticle solution
  2. UV-Vis was taken of the solution after 2 hours
  3. Lysozyme Gold Nanoparticles were placed in an oven for synthesis

Lysozyme Protein Gold Nanoparticles

100mL stock solution was made using the following steps:

  1. 7.72mg of lysozyme was added to 25mL of water in a volumetric flask. The solution was then transferred to a 250mL beaker.
  2. 0.84mL of 1% by weight HAuCl4 stock solution was added (made on 01/27/2016)
  3. 74.16mL of water was added, bringing the final solution volume up to 100mL.

The solution was then covered with foil and placed in the oven for 4 hours at 80 degrees celsius.


We accidentally made fibers... not nanoparticles. But we saved the fibers to instead incorporate into a film for future experiments.


It was advised that we use spring water to make our particles from now on in order to ensure a quicker plant root absorption. The water has more nutrients that the plant wants, therefore it will more quickly absorb the gold.