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10/23-10/29 (Day 11)

  • AuNPs were synthesized on 10/23 following the same concentrations, procedures and incubation periods as done in previous runs.
  • This batch of samples used the incubation periods of 2.5 hours, 3 hours and 3.5 hours for C, O, and RD, respectively. Through SEM analysis, it was determined that 3 hours for Octahedral AuNPS produced a larger amount of gold precipitate.
  • SEM analysis was performed on 10/29 for the samples prepared on 10/23. However, the cubic and octahedral samples didn't have clear shapes present.

SEM Images:

800 RD1.png RD1 from 10.23 shown above.

800 RD1.png RD2 from 10.23 shown above.