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10/1-10/8 (Day 8)

  • October 1

We worked on synthesizing two different batches for each shape. Thus, we used the normal concentrations for each solution and simply added another flask for each shape (C, RD).

The octahedral samples were not prepared because we were seeing inconsistencies in shape, distribution and color of the solution. We will work on changing the incubation parameter tomorrow.

Before the solutions were centrifuged and incubated, they were also transferred to 50mL conical Falcon tubes after being rinsed with acetone and distilled water. However, this time there were four tubes for each shape as two batches were made. The solutiosn were then incubated in the refrigerator and stored for SEM analysis.

  • October 2

We worked on SEM analysis of the samples prepared the day before of the C and RD samples. Additionally, we prepared of two new Octahedral samples that differed in incubation times. The first batch was incubated for 2 hours and the second batch was incubated for 3 hours. We are looking for a difference in color and amount of gold precipitate present at the end of the 3-5 rounds of centrifugation.

SEM images from October 1 samples: 800RD1.png

  • October 8

Once again we performed SEM analysis on the two batches of octahedral samples we prepared the week before.

SEM images from October 2 samples:

800 O1.png

800 O1 two.png

2.5hour octahedral samples shown above.

800 O2.png 3hour octahedral samples shown above.