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Synthesis of Silica NanoParticles

  • PS1

In a 110 mL flask, dissolve 38 mg of L-Lysine in 34.766 g of water. Then add 2.6 g of TEOS and put the covered flask in a silicone oil bath at 333 K and stirred at 500 rpm. Start at 17h30 Stop 06/11 at 17h30 Cool down with water, then open the flask and place it into a oven at 333 K for 2.5 days (week-end).

800 mg of mixture of powder and big crystals was obtained and divided into 3 samples.

PS1-a (175 mg) ground into powder and calcined

PS1-b (412 mg) washed with water and filtered 2 times then placed into the oven at 333 K for 17 hours. This step was done another time because the crystals were still coloured.

PS1-c (205 mg) ground into powder for SEM analysis.