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November 30th

  • 6 vials were prepared with 25 g of film and 167 uL of protein in each, along with varying amounts of gold.

1. 100 uL AU, 1733 uL H2O

2.150 uL AU, 1688 uL H2O

3. 200 uL AU, 1633 uL H2O 4. 250 uL AU, 1588 uL H2O 5. 300 uL AU, 1533 uL H2O 6. 350 uL AU, 1488 uL H2O

All of the vials started to see some color changes at 15 minutes. At 22 minutes it became clear that in the vials with more AU content the gel was turning a darker shade of purple and the water was staying completely clear. In the vials with 100 and 150 uL of gold it seemed that the water was slightly more grayish. One hour later these disparities have only grown. At the two hour mark vial 6 is a much darker, with each descending vial incrementally lighter. File:6vials.jpg