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Monday November 16th

  • All of the water was drained from the six vials prepared on the 2nd. Two of the vials were set aside to dry. Two of the vials received 256 uL of AU, 167 uL of protein, and 1577 uL of H2O. The remaining two vials received 256 uL and 1744 uL of H2O only. The film in the vials that received protein only just starting to turn a very light purple at the 35 minute mark very slowly and gradually. The water in the vials that didn't have the protein began to turn a purplish grayish color within 15 minutes. The water turned darker and increasingly more purple as time carried on, a very dark purple by the 45 minute mark. After returning to the vials two weeks later the vials with the protein have biomineralized, with the film now a dark purple. The film in the vials without protein have also turned purple, but a lighter hue. The water is no longer pigmented.