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Parts assembly


  • Electrophoresis gel of PCR samples already obtained.

  • I decided tu run other electrophoresis gel with the PCRs I did on monday. Helena had done one gel but she only use 2μL of sample, so I did this new gel to corroborate that we hadn´t observed bands because this quantity of sample. Also I decided to run other samples in order to corroborate that the quantity of sample was not the reason for not observing bands.


 1. Ladder
 2. HydG
 3. HydG
 4. PFOR2
 5. PFOR2
 6. HydEF2
 7. HydEF2
 8. HydEF1
 9. HydEF1
 10. HydEF1 (Helena´s PCR of September 2nd)
 11. HydEF1 (Helena´s PCR of September 2nd)
 12. HydEF1 (Paulina´s PCR of September 3rd)  
 13. HydEF1 (Paulina´s PCR of September 3rd)
 14. Ladder

Gel Muchasmeuestras.jpg

The only product of interest are ones of lanes 5 and 11, corresponding to PFOR2 and HydEF1.