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Oligo dilutions


  • Continuation of the calculations and dilutions of the oligos needed for parts assembly.

  • I continued with my labor of yesterday so I finished the calculations for the diutions:
Name Reference number Oligo H2O mQ
TerBack_HyG_Rev 5164 13μL 487μL
TerBack_HyG_Fwd 5163 18μL 482μL
HydEF2.Int.Fwd 5159 7μL 493μL
HydEF2.Rev 5160 13μL 487μL
NoOpt hydA 5´v2 5238 9μL 491μL
NoOpt hydA 3´v2 5239 30μL 470μL
Opt hydA 3´v2 5241 41μL 459μL
Opt hydA 5´v2 5240 15μL 485
  • With this calculations and the ones from yesterday i made the dilutions of all the oligos.