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  • Digestion with two enzymes to see if the pBBRMCS5 standard has the prefix and suffix regions.

  • After Pablo cut successfully the plasmid with EcoRI, today I cut the standardize plasmid with other two enzymes to find out if it actually have the prefix and suffix region, this two enzymes are XbaI and PstI, I also want to cut with SpeI but we didn´t have the enzyme. I did the following reactions:

For the digestion with PstI

H2O 4 μL
Buffer 3 100x 1 μL
DNA 4 μL
PstI 1 μL

For the digestion with XbaI

H2O 3 μL
Buffer 2 100x 1 μL
BSA 1 μL
DNA 4 μL
XbaI 1 μL

I left this reactions incubating at 37°C overnight.