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Preparation of TE-10:1 and Solution I for plasmid extraction


  • End of the preparation of two solutions (TE-10:1 and Solution I) needed for plasmid isolation.

  • Today I finished with the solutions TE-10:1 and Solution I following the proportions I put in my previous entry: Beginning of the preparation, and using the solutions I did yesterday. I put this solutions to sterilize in the autoclave for 1 hour and once they are sterile, Pablo, Daniel and I are going to isolate plasmid, pBBRMCS5 and pSB1T3.
  • The solution I was not well prepared, the point is that I put glucose on it and then I sterilize it. Some traces of glucose were broken and the solution turned yellow. We could´t use this solution so we used another one.

Plasmid Isolation


  • Isolation of pBBRMCS5 and pSB1T3 plasmids for the process of standardization.

  • The isolation was made according with the protocol used here : Plasmid isolation. We obtain three tubes of 20 μL of pBBRMCS5 and two tubes of 20μL of pSB1T3. We did an electrophoresis gel to see the integrity of the plasmids. One lane of pBBRMCS5 didn´t show any product the other lanes were a little bit dirty.