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TAP medium preparation


  • Completion of TAP media preparation. Making of phosphate buffer; filtration of Trace Elements solution and preparation of 500ml of both liquid and solid medium.

  • Today Pablo and I finished the preparation of the TAP media for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
  • We filter the Trace elements solution with a 50 ml syringe and filters of 22μm.
  • We prepare 0.25 Lt of phosphate buffer 1M pH 7, with this proportions:
K2HPO4 43.54
KH2PO4 20.97
  • Finally we mix the following proportions to make 500 ml of medium:
Beijerincks 20X 25 ml
Acetic acid 500 μl
Tris 1.21 g
Phosphate buffer 1M pH 7 500 μl
Trace elements solution 500 μl

We prepare 500 ml of liquid medium and 500 ml of solid medium by adding 8g of agarose.

This same day we re-culture Chlamydomonas in 2 petri dishes with solid medium and in 2 tubes with liquid medium. We leave 2 controls also.