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Control Reactions in MeOH and DMF

Continued running the control reactions in DMF and MeOH. The same procedure was followed and the same stock solutions made. The dilutions are as follows:

  1. DMF:
    1. Hemin - 50 µL Stock, 950 µL DMF
    2. Citrate - 214 µL stock, 786 µL DMF
  2. MeOH:
    1. Hemin - 35 µL stock, 965 µL MeOH
    2. Citrate - 275 µL stock, 725 µL MeOH
    3. Phosphate - 365 µL stock, 635 µL MeOH


DMF Control Reaction 120Min Chart.png

MeOH Control Reaction 120Min Chart.png