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Control Reactions in Dioxane and Acetone

Further control reactions were prepped in Dioxane and Acetone with the same procedure and stock solutions as previously used. The dilutions were as follows:

  1. Dioxane:
    1. Hemin - 28 μL stock, 972 μL Dioxane
  2. Acetone:
    1. Hemin - 40 μL stock, 960 µL Acetone

The reactions were prepped and let run for three hours. The results are below:


Acetone Control Reaction Final Chart.png

Dioxane Control Reaction Final Chart.png

Timed Reaction in 1-Propanol

Based on the results yesterday, the reaction was run in propanol and tracked over two hours.


Mb Citrate OPD H2O2 Propanol 25C Chart.png