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Further Control Reactions

Ran two more control reactions today, in 1-propanol and THF. We also ran the Mb Phosphate in ethanol at 25°C over 2 hours in Ocean Optics.


10 mg/mL of Mb Phosphate and Citrate were made in each solvent, along with minimal hemin in 5 mL of solvent. UV-VIS was run to determine concentration. The dilutions were done as follows:

  1. THF:
    1. Hemin - 34 μL stock, 966 μL THF
  2. Propanol:
    1. Hemin - 60 μL stock, 940 μL Propanol

The OPD-Peroxide reactions were set up in 4 reactions per solvent. These were shaken over two hours, and UVVIS was taken of each reaction.


From the timed run, here's the graph:

Mb Phosphate OPD H2O2 EtOH 25C Chart Corrected.png

Here are the charts from the control reactions:

Propanol Control Reaction 120Min Chart.png

THF Control Reaction 120Min Chart.png

The propanol will definitely need to be run over time to see the reaction progression.