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Andrew and I finished purifying both the Apo Mb and the Mn Mb in the PD10 columns. The Mn Mb resulted in roughly 30 mL of liquid. 15 mL was removed, frozen, and lyophilized. The other 15 mL had 1.5 g of KCl dissolved in it, frozen, diluted with 5 mL of Phosphate buffer to 20 mL, and lyophilized.

Preparation of Co Mb

10 mg of Co PPIX was dissolved in 2 mL of 100 mM Phosphate buffer with 15 drops of 0.1 N NaOH. This was left to stir over the weekend to go into solution. The apoprotein will be reconstituted on Monday.

Mb Phosphate in MeCN

This reaction was run at 25°C. The results are below:


Mb Phosphate OPD H2O2 MeCN 25C Graph Corrected.png