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Workup of Mn PPIX

  • In order to isolate more product without having to filter more, I put 30 mL of the filtrate (with product still in it) onto a hot plate in a 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask to boil. Hopefully, this will isolate the PPIX in solution.
  • The mass of the filter paper and product was 0.1994 grams, and the loose porphyrin from the paper was 0.4264 grams. The mass of porphyrin on the filter paper was 0.0936 grams. 0.0366g more PPIX was scraped from the filter paper and added to the vial.
  • The isolated PPIX was placed in a vial and covered with foil.
  • As of now, the total mass of PPIX is 0.5566 grams.