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Synthesis of Manganese PPIX

  • Today, Dhea and I are going to synthesize MnPPIX in DMF under the presence of nitrogen. We are going to follow the Adler protocol for the synthesis, as I did back in 2012.
  • Procedure:
  1. 50 mL of DMF was brought to reflux in a 19/22 round bottom flask with a 100 V Volt-ac heating pad with a stir bar under the presence of N2 gas
  2. 499.3 mg of PPIX was measured out and added to the DMF once the DMF began to reflux
  3. 364.1 mg of Manganese Acetate was measured out and dissolved in a minimum volume of DMF
  4. The Manganese dissolved in DMF was added to the refluxing solution using a needle and a syringe
  5. The solution was let reflux for 30 minutes
  6. The solution was then removed from the heating pad and placed in an ice bath for 15 minutes
  7. 500 mL of chilled water was then added and let chill for 10 minutes
  8. The solution was then filtered with a vacuum setup and rinsed with water
  9. The filter paper was determined to be 0.1058 grams before filtration.

  • References:
  1. Adler, Alan D. On the preparation of metalloporphyrins. Journal of Inorganic Nuclear Chemistry, Vol.32. 1970.