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Molar Absorptivity of DAP in Methanol

We finished up calculating the molar absorptivity of DAP in water yesterday, so we are going to calculate it in Methanol today. We are going to dissolve the 10 mg in 1 mL of DMSO, and then add that to 99 mL of MeOH. We are going to test the same concentrations below 50 μM, in 5 μM increments, down to 1 μM. We are going to do a serial dilution, rather than mixing up a new solution from the stock solution each time; this should hopefully minimize waste and MeOH used.

It turns out that our micropipette was not calibrated properly, and we were not measuring out the correct amounts of solution. We are going to start using a calibrated one. Hopefully, this should correct any anomalies in the results we had yesterday and were getting this morning.