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Molar Absorptivity of 2,3 Diaminophenazine

We are gong to continue determining the molar absorptivity of DAP that we started yesterday. We are starting with adding the 10 mg of DAP to 1 mL of DMSO, and then dissolving that in 99 mL of H2O. Instead of aiming for increments in how much of the stock solution we use, Dhea calculated increments of concentration (in μM) from 100 to 1 μM, and how much of the stock and water is required.

The stock solution we made is the same concentration as yesterday, 475.67 μM, but in 100 mL of liquid. It also looks to be a slightly different color than yesterday. We'll see if that has any effect.

The absorbances for the dilute solutions was not as linear as we'd hoped. The 50 μM solution had a much higher absorbance than the 60 µM solution. We'll see if this averages out when we finish all of the solutions.

Dhea has the data from today. Here is the link to her notebook with the graph and charts detailing the exact measurements, concentrations, and absorbances from today.