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Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb Citrate, Tris, Phosphate, and Acetate Catalysts in Toluene Suspension

Today, Dhea and I are going to start running the reaction in Toluene. Some observations from last week were to make the reference solution first, so more of the Mb is concentrated in the reaction. The reaction will also be centrifuged, because we were running it like so and got results (and we also were running low on syringe filters). We are not mixing up a solution of H2O2 in Toluene; instead, we are keeping them separate and adding them each into the reaction to prevent the two from separating. That happened on Friday, and we calculated how much of each should be added to compensate.


The reaction started almost immediately and the absorbances at 20 minutes were both much higher than the majority of the trials we've run. It also looks like there is particulate matter in solution, not sure from what, but it is present in both samples.

Mb Tris OPD H2O2 Toluene WORKUP Trial1 GRAPH.bmp

Mb Citrate OPD H2O2 Toluene GRAPH Trial1.png

Mb Acetate OPD H2O2 Toluene WORKUP Trial1 GRAPH.JPG

Mb Phosphate OPD H2O2 Toluene GRAPH Trial1.png

The reaction definitely proceeded in Toluene better than the rest of the solvents. We'll see how the next two trials react.