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Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb Phosphate and Acetate Catalysts in MeCN

Dhea and I are continuing the trials of reactions. We are running each reaction listed in the title twice to begin totaling all trials to three per buffered Mb per solvent.

For the 20 minute Mb/Phosphate sample, the filter did not allow any liquid to filter through, and it subsequently exploded out of the filter and none of it ended up in the cuvette. Another sample was taken to compensate. If there is not a 140 minute sample, this is why. The same thing happened to Dhea while she was filtering her reference solution into the cuvette.


Mb Phosphate OPD H2O2 MeCN WORKUP GRAPH Trial3.png

Dhea's notebook has the data from Trial 2 and Mb/Acetate Trial 3.