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Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb/Phosphate Catalyst Suspended in Isopropanol

  • Going to run the same procedure as Friday but with Mb/Phosphate and possibly another catalyst. Today, I will not centrifuge the initial Mb/Phosphate solution, but will centrifuge the reaction when it a spectra is going to be taken. Hopefully, this will give more accurate results. Also, not going to check the reaction every hour, but every 15 minutes.

9:41: Reaction was started, will place in centrifuge and run for 10 minutes in 5 minutes. Continued 9 times (1 mL increments) up to 135 minutes


Mb Phosphate Isopropanol Suspension GRAPH.png

The absorbances are not consistently increasing, like they were last week. Even after centrifuging, the results are not consistent. The peaks are all over, and the reference peak is much higher. That, however, is probably due to the reference not being centrifuged. Otherwise, the centrifuged times were not consistently increasing or decreasing.

Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb/Acetate Catalyst Suspended in Isopropanol

Same procedure and reaction,but with Mb/Acetate and 20 minute intervals, not 15 minutes.

1:50 The reaction was started. The reaction was run for two hours, looking at the Mb/Phosphate results. 120 Minutes had the highest absorbance out of any time in the previous reaction.


Mb Acetate OPD H2O2 Isopropanol WORKUP GRAPH.png

Again, the data is not consistently increasing in absorbance. The reference is again the highest absorbance, likely because it wasn't centrifuged. The absorbances were also more broad, compared to Friday's absorbances.