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Testing of new protocol

The new protocol designed yesterday was tested. Two rounds of sampling were done. The first was the time points that ran longer (15 minutes and above) were prepared first and let react. The smaller time points (30 seconds through 10 minutes) were done individually and sampled.


There was a discernible color change around 6 minutes.

Bradford 1uMProtK RevisedProtocol Apr1 Chart.png

Proteinase K 1 uM New protocl.png

The Bradford does not show a large increase in protein concentration between the different time points. Further analysis may refute this.

The shake plate may have not done the best job mixing the individual samples as well. Even though it was shaking, it may have not mixed the tubes enough. During previous reactions, inverting the tube proved to change the color (could have also dispersed any free colloid in solution and distributing it more evenly throughout). The starting reactions were purple in color already due to dispersed fibers.