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Colloid vs CaCl2 Analysis

Fluorescence Analysis of Pure Colloid

30to1 Colloid Pure Emission Spectrum.png

Fluorescence was run on DI water and colloid to determine if fluorescence was necessary for the dialysis samples. No fluorescence was detected for the colloid (after determining no protein was present in the cuvette with water samples), so no fluorescence or UV-VIS analysis was necessary for these samples.

Ca2+ ISE for Dialysis

Calcium ISE was run on the samples. The samples were transferred to vials that the probe could be placed in. The results are below:

Concentration Colloid Solution Potential Soak Solution Potential
50 mM 77.3 mV 83.6 mV
5 mM 59.9 mV 56.0 mV
0.5 mM 44.7 mV 43.1 mV
50 µM 38.7 mV 34.0 mV
5 µM 35.1 mV 33.2 mV

Iodide ISE Preparation

Three solutions were prepared:

  1. 10 mL 3 M NaCl
  2. 50 mL 4 M KNO3
  3. 50 mL 0.01 M KI, 0.1 M KNO3

This will be continued tomorrow.