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SDS-PAGE was run on the samples prepared yesterday. The wells were loaded as follows:

8 Colloid
9 0.6 g/L Lysozyme
10 0.12 g/L Lysozyme
11 Unknown Sample B

Dr. Fox will finish the workup and present the results, which will be posted upon completion.

Colloid CaCl2 Dialysis Analysis

Analyses to be conducted:

  1. Bradford
  2. Fluorescence
  3. UV-VIS
  4. Ca ISE

Only Bradford analysis was completed. There was an issue with the blank, but it was resolved. The results are below:

Bradford Colloid CaCl2 Chart 10 15.png

Dialysis Preparation

Monika and I prepared the next dialysis for over the weekend. She has the preparation here. It was 3500 MWCO with 0.6 g/L Lysozyme against CaCl2.