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Bradford Analysis of Dialyzed Solutions

A bradford analysis was run of the dialysis solutions and of the protein/colloid solutions. For the dialysis solutions, 600 µL of each solution, 200 µL of bradford dye, and 100 µL of 50 mM Tris/NaCl buffer were mixed. For the dialyzed protein/colloid, 100 µL of protein/colloid, 700 µL of tris buffer, and 200 µL of bradford dye.


Solution Conc of Lysozyme (µg/mL) Abs
3500 NaCl Soak -3.344660194 0.028
3500 H2O Soak -3.975728155 0.015
3500 Gly Soak 2.529126214 0.149
25k Gly Soak -0.09223301 0.095
3500 Gly Colloid 1.703883495 0.132
3500 NaCl/Lys Bag 17.91747573 0.466
3500 H2O/ Lys Bag 18.54854369 0.479
3500 Gly/Lys Bag 20.05339806 0.51
3500 Gly/Coll Bag 2.82038835 0.155

A possibility for negative concentrations is that the protein fully precipitated out of solution in the dialysis soak solutions.

Bradford Dialysis Analysis.png


Monika ran conductivity of CaCl2 using a specific probe (details will be posted in her notebook). Here are the results

CaCl2 Conductivity.png