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Summary Note on site-specific recombinase system

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Keywords for classification, which can be overlapped

  • By Structure
    • Tyrosine recombinase
    • Serine recombinase
    • Large Serine recombinase
  • By Function
    • Integrase
    • Excisionase
    • Invertase
    • Resolvase
    • Transposase
  • other stuffs
    • Integron


  • Discovering new site-specific recombinase
  • Characterizing protein domains
    • DNA binding domain
    • Catalytic domain
  • Finding the target-site
    • Minimal specific sequence for targeting
  • Looking into recombination mechanism
    • DNA topologies
    • Protein-DNA interaction
    • Chronology of events
    • Chemistry at active site
  • Evaluating Efficiency
    • Recombination yield
    • Specificity


  • play with bacteriophage and microbial genome database, look for recombinase genes
  • look at Tn4451 mechanism for boosting up integration, Lyras and Rood 2000



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