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  • Perform another analysis of both Dye Reaction pellets by dissolving in solution and then analyzing using UV-Vis and Fluorescence.


  • Pellets were dissolved in 80 μL DMSO followed by 5 mL H2O
  • Solutions were placed in shaker at room temperature for 2 hours
  • Took UV-Vis (200 - 800 nm) and Fluorescence (600 nm excitation, 620 - 800 nm emission) spectra of all five solutions.


UV-Vis Studies



Fluorescence Studies




  • In the UV-Vis spectra for the 166 ratio pellet solution in the First Dye Reaction, there is a small peak near 570 nm which is between the dye absorbance near 600 nm and AuNP absorbance at 550 nm. This peak is also visible in the second dye reaction 166 ratio pellet solution UV-Vis spectrum.
  • The BSA/HCl pellet UV-Vis spectrum from the second dye reaction has a peak close to 600 nm which could indicate the presence of dye.
  • In the fluorescence spectra there is a possible emission peak at 730 nm in the second dye reaction 70 ratio solution pellet. Further study is needed to determine what might be causing this possible emission.