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  • Perform Dye Reaction for the second time.


  • Tagging reaction was performed on AuNP solutions prepared from Feb 8th.
  • Prepared the 3 dye solutions: 2.0mg of dye + 160µL of DMSO
  • Changing the pH of AuNP solutions:

1. 70 ratio solution:

Initial: pH = 3.75 and volume = 10mL

Added 600µL of Tris buffer (pH = 8.50)

Final: pH = 8.45 and volume = 10.6mL

2. 166 ratio solution:

Initial: pH = 3.15 and volume = 10mL

Added 1.5mL of Tris buffer (pH = 8.50)

Final: pH = 8.44 and volume = 11.5mL

3. BSA control (BSA/HCl solution):

Initial: pH = 4.37 and volume = 10mL

Added 300µL of Tris buffer (pH = 8.50)

Final: pH = 8.41 and volume = 10.3mL

  • Tagging reaction:

Added dye solution to the three solutions, and incubated at room temperature for 24 hours.


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