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  • Try to obtain a purple solution with a 166 ratio and protein fibers with 70 ratio.
  • Reproduce 12/6 experiment (with 166 ratio) to yield purple solution.
  • Reduce the total volume of the 70 ratio solution and see if we obtain purple protein fibers.


  • 70 molar ratio (Au/BSA):

0.05 mL of HAuCl4 (4.17mM)

0.1 mL BSA (17.7µM)

0.2 mL water

Placed in heatblock for 2 hours (constant temperature).

  • 166 molar ratio (Au/BSA):

0.1 mL of HAuCl4 (2.9mM)

0.1 mL of BSA (17.7µM)

0.8 mL of water

Placed in heatblock for 1 hours and then put on ice.


  • Both the 12/7 and 12/6 experiments yielded a homogeneous purple solution. This was the expected result, indicating that a valid method of forming purple solution at a 166 Au/BSA molar ratio had been developed.
  • The 70 Au/BSA molar ratio yielded a purple solution meaning that a method to form purple fibers at a 70 Au/BSA molar ratio has not been developed.



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