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  • Perform gold nanoparticle(AuNP) synthesis using 15.5 μM Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), 2.9 mM Chloroauric Acid (HAuCl4), and H2O.
  • Test the effects of temperature on protein fiber formation, by performing AuNP synthesis in a heat block which is better at maintaining a constant temperature compared to an oven.


  • Tube 1: 0.1 mL BSA (15.5 μM), 0.1 mL HAuCl4 (2.9mM), 0.8 mL H2O.
  • Placed in heat block at constant 78 degrees celsius.

  • Tube 2: 0.1 mL BSA (15.5 μM) , 0.1 mL HAuCl4 (2.9mM), 0.8 mL H2O.
  • Placed in heat block at 78 degrees celsius, removed every 30 minutes for 10 minutes over the course of 2 hours.


  • The molar ratio of Au/BSA for both Tubes 1 and 2 was 187.
  • Tube 1 contained a homogeneous purple solution.
  • Tube 2 contained a clear solution with purple fibers.