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  • Determine whether or not PCR experiment performed on 9/20 for Green Fluorescent Protein(GFP) was successful by gel electrophoresis.


  • Made 1% (.01 g/mL) Agarose Gel:

0.25 g Agarose (.01 g/mL) mixed with 25 mL 1x TAE Buffer

Mixture was placed into microwave for 40 seconds

  • 1 μL of 6x loading gel dye was mixed with 5 μL of DNA sample
  • All DNA samples were loaded into gel along with ladder
  • Gel was run at 80 V for 40 min
  • Gel was then placed into container and washed with Ethidium Bromide / TAE Buffer solution for 15 min
  • Gel was then rinsed with TAE Buffer for 5 min


  • There are very faint bands visible near band seven on the ladder.
  • 27 Gel.jpg


  • The optimum gel for this experiment would be 1.5% Agarose