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1. Run UV-VIS for dialysis data

Figure 1:

52874712223 53E30EAF-B63E-4F13-A75D-85106E52478E copy.jpg

2. Prepared 5 ICP standards for Au (in range of 0 - 200 ppm)

3. Diluted all HAuCl4 stock solutions to range of 100 - 1000 uM

4. Used ICP to measure [Au] in stock solutions, AuNP colloids, & AuNP fiber solutions

    * used about 2 mL per sample
    * AuNP solutions were measured undiluted

5. Remade D2O solutions for tomorrow using dried AuCl3 solution

* Made one solution per AA
* Used vial of dried Au and add ~ 1 mg AA, 0.1 mL NaOH in D2O, and 0.9 mL D2O