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  • The purpose of today's meeting is to make Lysozyme-AuNP fibers for future experiments.


  • Dr. Hartings left a procedure for us to use today in his lab notebook.

Importantly, we are going to make different reaction solutions. Here are the directions for making those:

  1. 1 mL samples
    1. Volume of gold stock: 84.4 μL
    2. Volume of protein stock: 259 μL
    3. Volume of water: 656 μL
  2. 5 mL samples
    1. Volume of gold stock: 422 μL
    2. Volume of protein stock: 1,297 μL
    3. Volume of water: 3,281 μL

Additionally, we are going to conduct 16 tests of the 1-mL sample and 10 of the 5-mL sample. These test tubes are going to be covered using aluminum foil and placed in the oven at 80 degree celsius.

Data Analysis

  • There was no data to collect.


  • All of the reaction mixtures from Wednesday's lab produced a homogeneous solution of nanoparticles (AuNPs) instead of fibers (AuNP fibers).

The most likely reason is that the balance did not properly record the mass of the lysozyme. Dr. Hartings is going to remake the lysozyme solution and synthesize several 1 mL samples of AuNP fibers.