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Purple NPs

1/10 of total volume (same concentration) ==>2 microtubes at constant 70 degrees F heat block, left one in the whole time, took one out every 50min for 10 min. in both: 0.1mL Au (2.5mM) 0.1mL BSA (15.5µM) 0.8mL water

      • Note: I used the wrong sized test tube for both of them. This means that some unknown volume of water (less than 0.8mL) was actually added. Furthermore, the tubes were filled to the top--ie no air.

Making the Medium

4 times: 10g Tryptone 5g yeast extract + 2g glucose/L 4.5 mL (100 mg/mL) Ampicillin = 0.269 M 4 mL .1 M IPTG = .095329 g IPTG / 4 mL DH2O 25 µL of ampicillin to each flask



The test tube left in the whole time was purple solution, then when taken out, the fibers could be seen forming right in front of us. The test tube at 50/10 in/out formed purple fibers.


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