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Testing Gold NPs with HCl

Test Tubes:

1mL Au (2.9mM) + 1mL BSA (15µM) + 8mL Water

1mL Au (2.9mM) + 1mL BSA (15µM) + 7mL Water + 1 mL HCl (3M)

1mL Au (2.9mM) + 1mL BSA (15.5µM) + 8mL Water

1mL Au (2.9mM) + 1mL BSA (15.5µM) + 7mL Water + 1 mL HCl (3M)

Order: 1) Add water 2) Add BSA 3) Add Gold 4) Add HCl 5) Leave in oven 50 min, take out for 10 min, repeat.

PCR (from Maria's Notebook): PCR was conducted following the procedure outlined on Sept 20:

Forward and reverse PCR primers were determined in accordance to the guidelines set forth by the Quick Change Manual.

Then a PCR reaction was carried out using previously prepared primers.

   43 μL of ddH2O was added
   1 μL on a 0.5 μ/μL of template DNA
   1 μL of a 10mM dNTP solution
   1.25 μL of a 100 ng/μL solution of forward and reverse primers
   1 μL of enzymes were added to the solution
   25 μL of wax was added slowly to the surface of the solution
   added to thermocycler


Tubes 1 and three had grey blobs. The tubes with HCl (2 and 4) did nothing (stayed clear).


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