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Cell preparation: Previously prepared DNA was digested using Dpnl enzymes and was left on ice for 15 minutes (along with an empty sterile tube). L/B Agar plates were made using 25g/L of broth, 20g/L agar, and 100µg/mL of antibiotic solution. 5µL of the digested DNA and 40µL of the cells were added to the chilled sterile tube--these were left on ice for 30 minutes. The DNA/cell combination was heat shocked at 42 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds and left on ice for 5 minutes. 250 µL of SOC media was then added to the DNA/cell mixture and placed in the 37 degree Celsius shaker for about an hour. 100µL of these cells were spread on the agar plate and stored in a 37 degree Celsius oven overnight.

More Gold NPs: 58.1µL chloroauric acid (4.3mM) and 97.4µL of BSA (15.4µL) were combined with 9844µL of distilled water in a test tube. A sample of this was placed in a cuvette and left in the spectrophotometer at 80degrees Celsius while the reaction proceeded. Every 30 minutes, starting at time 0, a UV-Vis analysis of the sample was taken.


[Concentrations created were not the desired concentrations]




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