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PCR Part 2:

Making the gel: A 1% Agarose gel was prepared by mixing 0.25 grams of agarose with 25 mL of TAE buffer in a flask. The mixture was microwaved for 40 minutes such that all agarose was dissolved. The solution was then carefully poured into the electrophoresis machine as instructed and left to solidify.

Loading the DNA: The DNA-primer solution prepared on 9/20 was removed from the thermocycler. Once the top wax layer had melted, it was delicately pipetted off. A previously prepared solution of DNA Ladder and Loading Dye was loaded into the first well of the solidified electrophoresis gel. 5 µL of the DNA-primer solution was then pipetted onto a strip of parafilm along with 1 µL of Loading Dye. These were mixed together by pipetting them together into the same place several times. The dyed DNA-primer solution was then pipetted into one of the wells of the electrophoresis gel. The electrophoresis was then run as instructed.


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