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Nikos Tsakirpaloglou (an artistic interpretation)



  • 2009 (expected year for submission), PhD in Plant Molecular Biology, School of Biology, Newcastle University, UK.
  • 2005, MSc in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Schoolof Biology, Newcastle University, UK.
  • 2004, BSc in Crop Protection, School of Agriculture, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Currently, I have been awarded the R.B. Cooke studentship from the [School of Biology], [Newcastle University], UK. The main aim of my research is to address fundamental questions concerning the importance of the cis-acting regulatory elements (CAREs) in plant molecular biology, under the supervision of [Dr. Ajay Kohli] & [Prof. AMR Gatehouse]. In particular, I will try to identify CAREs in genes implicated in hybrid vigor (i.e. redox genes) and to correlate their expression patterns to the presence or absence of the cis-regulatory motifs. As model organism rice (Oryza sativa) will be used. Both in silico and in vitro approaches will be undertaken during the project to address these questions.


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