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MCF7 PNNL-15cm

  • all cells are dead and floating
  • plated in Corning 15cm dishes
  • 2 of the same cells in the same dishes in Mirra's incubator look better but still sick
  • 2 of the same cells in BD Falcon dishes in Mirra's incubator look just fine

--> problems with the dishes

--> problems with the incubator?

Order a new stack of incubators dedicated to this project.

MCF7 RPLA-96well

  • cells are attached but don't look great
  • don't use because of problems with the same cell line

HCC-70 SS-15cm

  • some cells are attached but many float and form strange large clumps
  • don't use

HCC-1569/HCC-1954 density

  • treated by Lili

HCC-1187 CNI-96well

  • scanned by Lili

HCC-1954 CNI-96well

  • added primary Ab o/n by Lili

HCC-38 plating controls

  • plate same cells into corning and BD Falcon dishes
  • grow in three different incubators
  • asses growth in the morning
  • test for differences in plates and incubators