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HCC-1419 density

  • at 5pm Lili treated
  • by mistake fixed Serum plate shortly after treatment!
  • failed to take microscope images

HCC-1187 CNI-96well

  • at 10am treat 96 well dishes
  • some problems in serum starvation
  • some columns have too much media (most likely serum media not taken off completely)
  • treat anyway
  • maybe retreat since 15cm dishes of this line were dead anyway

  • primary Ab added at 6pm
  • incubate o/n

HCC-1806 SS-15cm

  • at 2pm treat 15cm dishes with Lili
  • took some extra time to show everything
  • overall samples should be good
  • no problem

HCC-1806 CNI-96well

  • at 3:30pm treat 96 well dishes
  • a little late (by two hours maybe)
  • overall starvation looks good
  • so far no problems
  • keep ImageWorx dishes o/n in 200yl PBST
  • GF1 30min wells (3,4,9,10) treated with plate upside down. Readjust after scanning.

HCC-1569 density

  • serum starved

HCC-1954 density

  • serum starved

HCC70 SS-15cm

  • at 1pm plated 10x 15cm dishes

MCF7 PNNL-15cm

  • at 4pm plated 8x15cm for collaborators

MCF7 RPLA-96well

  • at 4pm plated 14x96 well for RPLA