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The purpose for today's ab work is to synthesize AuNP fibers from a solution of gold stock, lysozyme, and water.


Dr. Hartings left a procedure for us to use today in his lab notebook.

Importantly, we are going to make different reaction solutions. Here are the directions for making those:

  1. 1 mL samples
    1. Volume of gold stock: 84.4 μL
    2. Volume of protein stock: 259 μL
    3. Volume of water: 656 μL
  2. 5 mL samples
    1. Volume of gold stock: 422 μL
    2. Volume of protein stock: 1,297 μL
    3. Volume of water: 3,281 μL

We made 16 of the 1mL samples and 10 of the 5mL samples. All of the samples were then heated at 80 degrees Celsius for 4 hours.

NOTE: Each of my group's samples were labeled in green labeling tape as:


gold, prot, water




Matt Hartings Please list the outcomes of your syntheses.

Unfortunately, none of our samples yielded AuNP fibers. Instead, they formed homogeneous solutions of AuNPs. This outcome may have been due to the concentration of the protein stock solution that was used to make the fibers.