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July 09th, 2010

I will obtain some biobricks from the iGEM kit plate 2010 that Miguel Ramírez, our advisor, would transformate afterwards.
The biobricks I am gonig to obtain are:

Biobrick BBa_K098010<bn /> Well 5F Plate 2010 kit Plate 3
Plasmid pSB4C5 Resistance: Cloramphenicol

Biobrick BBa_M30109 Well 14H Plate 2010 kit Plate 3 Plasmid pSB1AC3 Resistance: Ampicillin, Cloramphenicol

I also made a restriction in order to ligate and then transfromate luxAB.

LuxAB(PCR product) --- XbaI and PstI
Plasmid 18 --- XbaI and PstI
Plasmid J61002 with Ampicillin resistance containing the constitutive promoter J23106 --- SpeI and PstI

The ligations and tranformations were performed bny our advisor Dr. Miguel Ramírez.