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June 29th, 2010

Because the transformations I made yesterday didn't work we thought that maybe we could have a problem with the plasmid backbones that we were using so we decided to extract them again from other petri boxes with bacteria carrying the plasmids we wanted to obtain, those plasmids were:
Plasmid 18 because we thought that there could be an issue with plasmid 17 because other transformations using plasmid plasmid 17 didn't work either; plasmid 18 has tetracycline resistance.
Plasmid J61002 with J23106 constitutive promoter, this plasmid carries Ampicillin resistance.
I grew plasmid 18 during 6h and plasmid J61002 overnight (becuase it takes too much time to grow) in 4ml of liquid LB medium with 2.5μL of the proper antibiotic and then I extracted the plasmid with High Pure Plasmid Purification Kit by Roche.