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The enzymatic activity of HRP-AuNPs will be observed by the conversion of luminol with H2O2.


Two different solutions were prepared:

  1. Luminol (0.073mM)
  2. H2O2 (3.65 mM)

100 uL of the HRP-AuNPs (with [Au]=0.25 mM and [HRP]=4.167uM) prepared from previous lab were used to test the kinetics of the reaction of luminol conversion with H2O2.

Remaking BSA-AuNPs from 8/28/2013

Procedures were obtained from User:Matt_Hartings/Notebook/AU_Biomaterials_Design_Lab/2013/08/28


  • Stock [HAuCl4]: 2.33mM
  • Stock [BSA]:15.0uM
  • Final [HAuCl4]= 90×[BSA] = 1350μM = final [HAuCl4]
  • 1mL HAuCl4 and 1.73mL BSA, dilute with distilled water up to 10mL

Transfer solution to a test tube and cap with aluminum foil and heated in the oven at 80C


20131016 oceanopts ntm.png

Incredibly slow reaction was observed in this reaction of luminol with HRP-AuNPs and H2O2.