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To gather Atomic Absorption Measurements of the 5 gold standards made in the previous class, the BSA-AuNP, and the citrate-AuNP.


For this experiment, the atomic absorptions of the following solutions were obtained:

  • Gold standard solutions
    • 25μg/mL
    • 20μg/mL
    • 15μg/mL
    • 10μg/mL
    • 5μg/mL
  • BSA-AuNP (with original concentration from previous lab)
  • Citrate-AuNP (10x diluted form original concentration from previous lab)
  • Blank (water)


The following table represents the Atomic Absorption measurements of the gold standard solutions, BSA-AuNP, and citrate-AuNP (corrected with first blank measurement)

20130911 goldstdAAmeas.png

The following graphs depict the Atomic absorption measurements of the Gold standard solutions; the graph on the right depicts the group data while the graph on the left depicts the class data.

20130911 goldstdAACali.png