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To synthesize two sets of gold nanoparticles by reducing Au3+ by Bovine serum albumin (BSA) and a citrate solution.


The procedures to this experiment were taken from User:Matt_Hartings/Notebook/AU_Biomaterials_Design_Lab/2013/08/28.


  1. The stock Gold solution had a molarity of 2.54mM.
  2. The stock BSA solution had a molarity of 15.6μM.

To get the 90x dilution of gold in the BSA solution, 1 mL of gold was added to 1.809 mL of BSA to get the final


  1. The stock gold solution had a molarity of 0.249mM.
  2. The stock sodium citrate solution 1.01% of sodium citrate in water.

The final volume after boiling = 25.6mL Matt Hartings Using this volume, what is the final concentration of gold?

The sample solutions analyzed in UV-Vis was diluted 10x.



  • λspr=518 nm
  • Aspr=0.143
  • A450=0.091
  • Aspr/A450 = 0.143/0.091 = 1.57<br.>

Using information from the Supporting Information from 'Determination of Size and Concentration of Gold Nanoparticles from UV/vis Spectra':<br.>

  • AuNP diameter=12nm
  • ε450 for 12nm AuNPs=1.09E+08

Beer's Law was applied to find the concentration of the sample

  • C=0.8349nM

Accounting for the 10x dilution factor used in taking absorbance measurements:<br.>

  • C=8.349nM