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System-Level Design

2020(S10)_Lecture:week_7#Week_7_Studio Breaking down a complicated problem into simpler parts: System > Device > Part > DNA

  • Nutrient recycling
    • Main nutrients: P, N, K, Ca, Mg, S
      • Focus on metabolic engineering for just two
  • Codependence
    • Should not be too difficult, known art. endocrine signals.
    • Biomolecules as signals which diffuse, NOT proteins (which only work if cells right next to each other) b/c bacteria and algae are fairly far apart in tank
    • Term is (not sure) commensalism?
  • Decontamination
    • Against mold, insects, etc.
    • Goals: inexpensive, not environmentally harmful, not easy to evolve resistance to
      • Engineer bac and alg to tolerate cold? But probably decreased efficiency
      • Look at extremophiles
  • Worries
    • Algae output locked up in algae?
    • Bacteria growing out of control and crashing?
  • System Diagram image:

System Overview 17-Mar-2010.png

  • Components that need biological engineering:
    • Oil secretion
    • Nutrient recycling
      • Steady state (constitutively attempt recycle nutrients) or what?
      • If constitutively, will always have enough nutrients, but energy costs and possibly bacteria population crash
      • Worry about start state
        • Especially if know that going to be rebooting frequently, start state becomes important
  • Notes
    • Investigate prior arr: Commensalism, there's previous research. Yeast and tryptophan, also something about mammalian cells
    • Growth temperature syncing
    • Worry about Mutations in our algae / bacteria
    • Biology: not absolute, probabilities
      • Perhaps have an expected "shelf life"
      • Have the bacteria produce antibodies, and only system reboot when superbug comes along